In addition to the following my work has been widely reviewed in arts, science, photography and time-based arts journals and magazines including The New Scientist, The BMJ, Architecture Review, Portfolio, Source, The Guardian and The Arts Book Review.

Publications include:

‘Brainscapes, Mind Masks and States of Mind’ (2016) in INTERALIA Magazine

‘Between: Intersections in Art and Science in the Practice of Two Contemporary Artists’ (Co-author Susan Aldworth) in Art, Science and Cultural Understanding,Common Ground Publishing (2014).

Sept. 2013, ‘Between: Curating Representations of the Embodied Brain’ in INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, Vol. 38 No. 3, September 2013, pp.247–58

Wonder Publication April 2012, ‘Wonder Chamber’, 66 page full colour publication from Ffotogallery Publications and Cornerhouse Publications, to coincide with the exhibition ‘Wonder Chamber’. With essays by Ken Arnold of the Wellcome Collection and curator David Drake

March 2010, ‘From Tissue to Text’, in Memento Mori, Journal of Performance Research Issue 15.1, pp. 48-57

October 2009, ‘Narrative Remains’, Exhibition and 58 pages publication including essay from Dr. Simon Chaplin, Hunterian Museum, London. Wellcome Trust funded. Wellcome Trust: London.

February 2010 ‘Art and the theatre of mind and body: how contemporary arts practice is re-framing the anatomo-clinical theatre’ in The Journal of Anatomy, (2010) pp.251-263

2008 ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Professor Moxham’ in Anatomy Live: Performance and the Operating Theatre (Ed.) Maaike Bleeker published by University of Amsterdam Press, pp.75-93

September 2008 ‘Unreliable Truths: Transformations and Illusion in Contemporary Photographic Practice’, catalogue published by the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, curated by Karen MacKinnon with a forward by photo theorist Susan Bright. Image plates and short text included. ISBN 9780903189781

February 2008 Publication of the essay ‘Corpus Corporeal’ in The International Journal Organdi: Culture, Creation, Criticism, Paris, ISSN 1630-7712

October 2006 Artist’s book, ‘Seeds of Memory: art, neuroscience and botany’ ISBN: 0-9545600-6-X AHRC funded in collaboration with Cardiff Neuroscience Research Group

June 2006 Commissioned essay ‘Penetrating The Impenetrable in Sara Fletcher’s Spirit Level’ in Show One of Each, CTA publishing ISBN 0-9541810-2-6

March 2006 ‘Descartes’ Eye’, published paper in ‘New Constellations: art, science and society’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney ISBN 1921034122

February 2006 Publication of commissioned essay ‘A Dark Adapted Eye: Photography and the Vanitas Still Life’ in Stilled, IRIS International Centre for Women’s Photography (Theory and Practice) FfotogalIery Publications Ltd. SBN 1 87277161 0

June 2005 Essay, ‘Apron: Allegory and Ambiguity on The Domestic Stage’, for artist Hamish Gane’s publication and exhibition ‘Apron’, Mission Gallery, Swansea ISBN 0-9545600-3-5

October 2004 ‘Anatomy Lessons’ (hardback publication) Dewi Lewis Publishing, October 2004, ISBN-1-904587-14

September 2003 Contributor to publication, Talking Pictures, IRIS, SAPRE, and Imaginative Minds Ltd. ISBN 1 904806 00 7

Sept-October 2003 ‘Elsewhere’, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, ISBN 0903189690

November 2002 ‘Ha Ha: Margam Re-visited’. Co-editor with Christopher Coppock. Ffotogallery and

Seren Books. ISBN 1 85411 330 5

2001 Commissioned essay, ‘Raising The Dead’, in ALTARED Visions, ISBN 1 872771 95 5

March 2000 ‘Paradise Park’, publication with Seren Books ISBN 1 85411 281 3 Featured on BBC Wales ‘The Slate’ arts show

November 2000 West, Ffotogallery Biennial publication, short review ‘Street Portraits’ and image plates, ISBN 1872771750

Sept-Oct 2000 Contributor to Locws International, WAI publication, ISBN 0 9545291 03

December 2000 ‘Death’s Witness’, Ffotogallery Publications, ISBN-1 872771 858

March 1998 Contributor to Vol.4 ‘The Nexus: Focus On The Maternal’ Ed. Uli Sieglohr, Scarlett Press

March 1997 Contributor to Vol. 1 ‘The Nexus: Engendering The City – Women in Contemporary Photography’ (Ed) Marsha Meskimmon, Scarlett Press