Unsafe Distance, Enter3 Festival, Prague (2007)

Showcase of artistic practices that explore issues of safety, environment, and human/non-human identity. Many of the exhibiting artists have worked closely with scientists. Most of them have integrated emerging technologies in order to examine phenomena that may have stayed undisclosed. The artworks exemplify how fragile the notion of distance is in our society. What types of distance do men and women experience in the times of advanced scientific instruments which pilot our both private and public lives? What are the sounds from dangerous places like? Who is afraid of new teratologies? Do we live on a voodoo planet?

Exhibiting artists: Paul Adderley & Michael Young, Shawn Bailey & Jennifer Willet, Howard Boland & Laura Cinti, Peter Cusack, Beatriz da Costa & Cina Hazegh & Kevin Ponto, Louis-Philippe Demers & Garry Stewart, Florian Grond & Claudia Robles, Antony Hall, Boo Chapple, Ewen Chardronnet & Spectral Investigations Collective & RIXC Media Collective, Karen Ingham, Martin Kermes, Pavel Kopriva,, Radim Labuda, Lukas Machalicky, Rachel Mayeri, Gordana Novakovic, Rob O’Neill, Andrea Polli, STELARC, Pavel Sterec & Ales Cermak & Jan Trejbal, Paul Thomas & Kevin Raxworthy


Curator: Pavel Sedlak