Theatres of The Mind

Theatres of The Mind: developmental, interdependent, time-based and installation based artworks (2008 – )
A series of discrete yet interdependent artworks exploring the relationship of the artist – the subjective ‘I’ – to the scientist – the objective ‘eye’ – in understanding, interpreting, and communicating how the mind creates a sense of a ‘unique self’. How do we remember, interpret and embody the self, and how does the lens of science differ from the allegedly more pluralistic and allegorical lens of art? Are the differences between art and science a sense of frustration or of creative interdisciplinarity? How can art and science work together to enter into ‘the mind’s eye’, thus visualising the metaphorical Cartesian Theatre – the space within the brain where our thoughts and experiences are ‘acted out’ and ‘re-played’. Scientists realise that there is no such space, yet the Cartesian Theatre remains a seductive model onto which to project ideas about the mind and consciousness.
Supported by a 2009 Major Creative Wales Award

The Creative Brain